Our Policies

 Client Information Policy
 We keep detailed records of your dogs general heath and condition which we use to provide the best care possible while in our charge. This information helps us to make sure each visit it tailor made to your dogs unique needs and ensure we use the most appropriate product or handling procedures possible to make them look and feel their best. Please advise us of any existing medical conditions or of any general health changes occur between grooms. We never share this information with 3rd parties.
 Dematting policy
 At Soggy Dog, we groom humanely. Removing matts is extremely painful and distressing to dogs. As such, we only attempt to dematt ONCE in accordance with industry standards and in the interest of well being for the animals in our care. If more than 15 minutes is required to dematt, the dog will get a comfortable clip. Upon subsequent visits if the dog returns in matted condition, we will make NO attempts to dematt and the dog will immediately be clipped. It is the owners duty to maintain their pets coat between professional grooms and we are always more than happy to instruct as to the best way to take care of their dogs coat on a regular basis.
We make no attempts to dematt informed or elderly dogs or puppies or dogs with pelted coats. They will immediately get a comfortable clip.
Please note: our regular grooming charge does not include dematting charges, as any dematting or pre-clip due to excessive matting or ‘pelting’ requires considerably more time for labor as well as product and equipment wear and tear.


 Cancellation policy
 Please let us know 24 hours prior if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. Spaces are limited, so if we are notified in a timely manner we can rebook the spot with someone on our waiting list. Failure to do so may require a future deposit.
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